Russian Blue Cat

About the Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue is a strong proud cat. This cat is friendly and very lovable.

The Russian Blue has a thick double blue-gray coat. It is short-haired and easy to groom. The cat has beautiful green eyes.

The Russian Blue are very quiet cats. They are loyal to their owners if they are well cared for.

These cats may be a little reserved to strangers. They do need some time to accept new humans as trusted friends.

This is completely different from the outgoing Cornish Rex which will approach anyone eagerly without a second thought.

Once the Russian Blue has accepted you as an ally, they will tend to feel the need to be close to you as much as possible.

They need to know you are nearby and within easy reach.

The Russian Blue is an indoor cat, but does require a little bit a space as they are known to be very fast runners.

The Russian Blue is very affectionate, a gentle loving cat. This is one of the few cat breeds that may be trained to walk on a leash successfully.

This cat breed likes to play, but hate to be teased.

These are one of the most intelligent cat breeds around and need to be treated with respect.

The Russian Blue is a healthy cat. It does not have any specific health issues and has a lifespan of 14+ years.

Russian Blue kitten

Russian Blue Cat History

The Russian Blue is an old natural cat breed. Many believe this cat originated in Archangel in Russia.

In earlier times this cat is said to have been hunted for its pelt.

No one can say for sure how and exactly when the Russian Blue came to Western Europe. By the end of the 19th century the Russian Blue was to be seen at cat shows in England.

During the Second World War most of the Russian Blue cats disappeared from Europe.

Fortunately a British cat breeder named Marie Rochford had managed to keep the Russian Blue going and pure.

The first officially recorded Russian Blue to arrive in the United States was a male cat by the name of Blue Royal.

There may have been other Russian Blue cats before Blue Royal, but they have not been recorded.

The Russian Blue is with good reason a favorite among thousands of cat lovers.

The Russian Blue certainly was the favorite cat of Nicholas I. His Russian Blue was named Vashka.

Vashka enjoyed the privilege of have his own personal chef who only prepared very best of gourmet food for this precious Russian Blue cat.