Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat Appearance

Norwegian Forest Cat

The beautiful Norwegian Forest cat is a natural cat breed of Scandinavia.

In Norway it is called “Norsk Skogkatt” which literally means Norwegian Forest Cat.

Another name used for the Norwegian Forest cat is “Wegie”.

The Norwegian Forest cat is in many ways similar to the Maine Coon.

This is a large powerful built cat.

This cat is well adopted for cold weather.

The Norwegian Forest cat is a semi-longhaired cat.

It has a thick double layered coat which is water resistant. The undercoat protects the cat from the cold.

They will need to be combed about 2 – 3 times a week during spring when their winter coat does shed.

The head of the Norwegian Forest cat is more of a triangular- shaped, this does set it apart from the Main Coon which has more of a square-shaped head.

Their eyes may be any color.

Their tails are long, thick and bushy.

An Outdoor Cat

Norwegian forest cat in snow

The Norwegian Forest cat loves the outdoors. It is a skilled hunter.

These cats are also very good climbers.

The Wegie also has the ability to climb down a tree head first. Most cats will back down a tree.

They do enjoy playing with running water.

Some owners report that their Norwegian Forest cats have enjoyed trying to catch fish in small streams.

These cats may adapt to inside living, but they do require a lot of space.

Remember these cats used to roam the forests and were also favored farm cats.

The Wegies are not especially talkative, except to tell you of an important matter, for example when they are hungry. The Norwegian Forest cat or Wegie, as many prefer to call the cat, is a wonderful family pet.

These cats are great with children. These cats are friendly and loyal. They do tend to follow their owner around the house.

The Norwegian Forest cats are very affectionate cats.

The first Norwegian Forest cats arrived in the United States in 1979. Their popularity is growing in many countries around the world.

In 1994 the Norwegian Forest Cat received recognition from the American Cat Fanciers Association.