Horrible Facts


The Japanese musical instrument called shamisen (meaning “three strings”) was originally made from cat skin.

On the very finest samisen the cat’s nipples are visible.

Shamisen made from cat skin are still in use, though other materials are being tried out.

Cat Fur

King Magnus VI Lagabøte (English: Magnus the law-mender) of Norway (1238 –1280), was known for his work modernize the law-code.

In one of the laws it was confirmed that one cat fur was equivalent in value to three fox furs. Cat fur was accepted as valid payment for goods or services.

Cat fur is still used in coats, gloves, hats, shoes, blankets and stuffed toys.

Horrible Facts about Cats

Circa 24 cats are slaughtered to make one cat fur coat.

This use has been banned in the United States, Australia and the European Union.

Cat furs are still big business in many countries. Cat fur may be sold with false labels as “Real Fur” or “Fake Fur”.

It has also been known that cat fur has been passed as rabbit fur.

Cat fur farms in China have appalling conditions. Beware when you buy a fur, fake or real. DNA testing can reveal if the fur is cat fur.

Cat Meat

Cat meat is not uncommon in China and Vietnam. Cat meat is a part of the local diet Guangdong, China.

It has been estimated that around 3 million cats are eaten every year.

Maybe you want to get involved in an animal protection program?

In other parts of the world “roof hare” was found on the menu.  Roof hare or roof rabbit is actually cat meat being passed off as hare meat. This was known to be eaten during the Second World War. Often those who ate it were unaware of the fact that they were eating cat meat.

Cats Burned to death

In Europe countless black cats were burned to death during the Middle Ages in an effort to fight witches. See Black cats.

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