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Cat Weddings – Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Cats

Dawn Rogers from California was an ordained Pet Pastor from the Universal Life Church. He had special services aimed for the feline spices.

This unusual pastor saw a need to honor cats with special wedding ceremonies.

He probably also saw a few dollar signs. Pastor Rogers charged $300 for cat weddings in 1986.

Cat Cafés

In Japan cat cafés are becoming increasingly popular. These resemble regular cafés except cats wander freely around.

Cat lovers soon become regular guests sipping their favorite beverage with a cat peacefully asleep on their table.

The cats are free to do as they please. In these cafés the cats rule like royalty.

The humans on the other hand must agree to certain rules as never wake a sleeping cat. Guests may caress the cats, but never harm them in any way. Cats are considered to be very auspicious in Japan.

Lately cat cafés have been established in many countries around the world. It seems these cafés fill a need for cat lovers.

Cat Flap Door

Sir Isac Newton (1643-1727), the great physicist was a devoted lover of cats.  He has been credited to inventing the cat flap door.

Cat lovers, who wish to honor this genius of a man, will find his grave in Westminster Abby, London.

The Fishing Cat

In Paris there is a street named “rue du Chat qui Pêche” meaning “the street of the fishing cat”.

It was named after a cat in the 17th century who loved to catch fish in cellars after the flooding of the river Seine.

World’s Large Collection of Cat Books

Helen Monnette Amestoy had an enormous collection of cat books. She had spent her lifetime collecting books on cats.

In 2004 her collection of 6000 books on cats was donated to the Arne Nixon Center in Fresno, California.

This is believed to be the world’s largest collection of cat books in a library. Many of the books are extremely valuable.The first major cat show took place on July 13, 1871 in Chrystal Place, London. A total of 170 cats were entered at the show.

First Cat Postage Stamp

The first postage stamp ever made with the picture of a cat was in 1887 by the German state of Bergedorf. It showed a cat with a fish in its mouth.

The Year of the Cat

In Vietnam the animals of the zodiac differ slightly from the Chinese zodiac. In the Vietnamese zodiac the cat replaces the rabbit of the Chinese zodiac.

Anyone born in the Chinese year of the rabbit is according to the Vietnamese zodiac born in the year of the cat.

The years of the Cat are as follows: 1903 – 1915 – 1927 – 1939 – 1951 -1963 -1975 – 1987 -1999 – 2011. The first day of the year of the Cat 2011 was February 3rd.

Cat anatomy fun facts

Cat Anatomy

An adult cat has 30 teeth.

Cats have three times better hearing than dogs.

Cats have a third eyelid called the haw. The haw is not easy to see. If the haw is clearly visible; it is a sign that your cat is ill. Call the vet.

The normal body temperature of the domestic cat is 38.6 degrees C (101.5 degrees F)

Cats with blue eyes have a high risk of deafness. White cats are also at high risk of deafness.

All kittens are blind and deaf when they are born, but they do have a strong sense of smell.

All kittens have blue eyes. The color of their eyes changes when the kittens are about three months old.

Kindle means a litter of kittens.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat reached worldwide fame and become quite a phenomenon. Millions of people all around the world have fallen in love with this awesome female feline.

Her actual name is (would you believe it!) Tardar Sauce! There certainly is something special about this cat.

Grumpy cat has appeared on TV shows and is also featured now on t-shirts, mugs and whatever. Her popularity is increasing by the day.

This sour faced cat has her home in Arizona. She was born April 4, 2012 and is a mixed breed. Tabatha Bundesen is the lucky “owner” of this precious feline. It is told that although she has become a world famous star, she remains calm.

It is no wonder people from every corner of the world love Tardar Sauce!

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