Cat Towers

 Cat Towers

Important Cat Furniture

Cat towers may be the most important furniture in a cat owner’s home. Some may use the name cat trees others may call this piece of cat furniture for cat condos. Even others will refer this cat furniture as a cat gym. 

cat towersIt does not really matter what term you prefer to use, having  cat towers in your home is vital for your cat’s health and wellbeing. 

Cat towers serve several purposes. From a human point of view, the cat towers can prevent your cat damaging your exquisite furniture.

This certainly is a wise decision in relations to your wallet. It undoubtedly not fun to find scratch marks on your new sofa or to find your curtains torn.

Yelling at your cat for ruining your furniture is just about the worst thing you can do. It will only make things worse.

Yelling will only frighten your cat and make your cat hostile, aggressive and nervous.

You need to find a solution to fill both your needs as well as your cat’s needs. Investing in a cat tower could be one solution for a happy and harmonious cat.

There are some things you should consider before purchasing a cat tower or cat tree. Cats are highly intelligent and independent animals.

Cats can also become frightened in which cases they need easy access to a safe hideaway.

Cat Towers With Three sides

An ideal cat tower will have one spot which is enclosed on three sides, thus providing your cat with a safe hideaway.

To keep your cat healthy you need to provide your cat the opportunity for exercise.

Climbing and jumping around in a cat tower may contribute to this need. Cats love to climb and jump.

Make sure your cat tower or cat tree is stable and heavy enough to fulfill this requirement. A lightweight and cheap cat tower that collapses as your cat tries to jump to the next level may seriously harm your cat in the fall.

This is not a risk you wish to take only to save a few bucks.

Cats Love High Places

If your cat is very active, you may want to consider bolting the cat tower to a wall. Cats love high places. It will give them a sense of control and security.

Your cat will love sitting on the top level of the cat tower and observing all that is going on. Occasionally your cat may just choose the top level of the cat tower to take a nap.

This brings us to the important issue that that top level is large and safe enough for your cat. You most certainly would not want your cat to roll over and fall to the ground when asleep on the top level.

Make sure the top level of the cat condo is a safe haven for your cat.

Cat Towers – Do Not Use Fleece Cushioned Pads

Some parts of the cat tower may wear out before others. Make sure you are able to get new parts for your cat tower or cat tree. Many merchants will sell individual parts.

This is needless to say cheaper than having to buy a completely new cat tower if in fact it is only one part that needs replacing.

Many cat towers have one or more levels cushioned pads. Make sure these pads are washable.

Fleece pads are not recommended for cats that chew.

Also be sure to any dangling toy fastened to the cat tower is safe. Do not fasten any toys with threads your cat can easily tear apart.

If your cat rips apart a toy made up of threads and manages to eat the threads, the result can be a serious health threat.