Cat Names

 Cat Names

Are you looking for a great name for your new kitten?

The very first thing you must do is obviously to be sure if the kitten is a female or male. That goes without saying.

Cat NamesIf you are not the sole owner of the cat, a family meeting would be a good idea. Everyone in the family should be happy with the name of the cat.

Start off by making a list. Study the cat for a while. You may get some ideas by just observing the cat’s behavior.

You can also examine if the cat has any special or unusual marks on its coat.

Cat Names from Foreign Words

Maybe you want an unusual name. In that case try to agree on an adjective suitable to describing your cat.

Find out what that adjective is in another language and find cool cat names.

For example beautiful in Norwegian is “Vakker”. In Esperanto beautiful is “Bela”.

How about “love” in Esperanto “Amas”? Perhaps also appropriate “boss” in Esperanto which is “Estro”.

We all know the cat is the real boss in the home.

Historical Person or Politician

Another suggestion may be to choose your favorite person in history or in the political world.

That certainly was what Florence Nightingale chose to do.

She was a great lover of cats and owned 60 cats. She named her cats after famous politicians during her life time.

Cat Names From Fiction Stories

You could also choose the name of a favorite character from a novel which has made a lasting impression.

An all-time favorite is choosing a name from mythology.

List of Greek mythology names

List of Norse mythology names. If you have a female kitten, you may want to consider the Norse goddess Freyja. She was the goddess of love and witchcraft and the proud owner of two cats.

Movie or Cartoon Character

Another favorite is a movie character. You may just want to name your cat after your favorite cartoon cat.

The Naming of the Cats

“Cats” is the name of the superb musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” by T. S. Eliot. “The Naming of the Cats” is only one of the breathtaking songs in the musical.

If you are a fan of the musical, you could get some ideas from the cat names in the song.

“Jellicle” is a term meaning black and white cat.

Some of the cat names in this song are:

The everyday names such as: Peter, Augustus, Alonzo, James, Victor, Jonathan, George or Bill Bailey.

The fancier names such as: Plato, Admetus, Electra, or Demeter.

The peculiar and more dignified names such as: Munkustrap, Quaxo, Coricopat, Bombalurina, or Jellylorum.

There are millions of cat lovers in the world. Check out cat names of famous cat lovers and cat owners. Have fun finding the perfect name for your beloved cat.

Here is a list of known cat names used by cat owners and also cat names found in fiction stories.

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