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Cat Diet – Feeding Your Cat

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Cats in the wild feed on rodents and especially voles. The ideal cat diet for domestic cats would be a canned mouse. Unfortunately this is not available in super markets.

Cats are not vegetarians. Cats need meat. They need animal protein. Cats need a specific amino-acid called taurine.

The only way a cat can obtain the amino-acid is by eating animal protein. The consequence of not eating enough of this vital protein is that your cat will lose its sight.

Cats unlike other animals are not capable of obtaining vitamin A from plant sources. Giving your cat carrots will do no good.

They need foods as liver, kidney and fish oils. Many dry foods consist of high quantities of grains. This is not a recommended cat diet. Dry food is the junk food in the cat cuisine.

Cats that feed largely on dry food will eventually get very ill and die a painful death.

What you feed your cat is of vital importance to the animal’s health. Many cat owners choose to have a bowl of dry cat food available for the cat at all times.

The goal being that the cat can have a meal whenever feeling hungry. That is all well and fine, but this may cause serious health issues for your cat in the long run.

If you do not carefully examine what the dry cat food consists of, your cat may develop fatal health conditions.

Even the cheapest canned cat food is better for your cat than the dried cat biscuits alternative.

Cats need a lot of Water

Cats need plenty of water. Cats in the wild get their need for water in the prey as a vole consists of around 70% water.

Canned cat food consists of about 78% water. This is good news for your cat. Dry cat food consists of only 7-10 % water.

Even though a cat that feeds on dry food alone will drink more water, this is far from the water quantities your cat needs. Serious kidney and bladder problems are common if the cat does not consume enough water.

Cats need access to clean water at all times. It seems many cats prefer running water. Some cat owners will keep a water tap slightly running at all times making it possible for their cat to drink from the running water.

Other solutions may be a cat water fountain. There are plenty of cat water fountains on the market should this be your choice.

If you insist on giving your cat a vegetarian diet or only junk food (dry cat food), your cat is better off without you. Give your cat away and get a rabbit instead.

How much food does a cat need?

Cat owners need to remember that cats prefer many small meals as opposed to one or two large meals.

Think of the size of a mouse.

That is a natural size for a quick meal.

A cat will love this size of a portion several times daily.

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Cat Not Eating – Why cats won’t eat

Sometimes cat owners may despair that their healthy cat will not eat. “The cat may just wonder over to the plate of food, sniff on it and wonder off without eating.”

There are several different reasons this behavior may occur.

A cat that is looking to have sex may temporarily loose interest in food. The cat has far more important matters to attend to. This is natural and nothing to be alarmed about.

When your cat has finished courting and mating, the appetite will return to normal.

The same goes if there is a sudden change in weather. Cats are quite sensitive to weather changes and will be more concerned with the changes in weather rather than food. This is also a temporary.

The area of where the cat is fed as an effect on the cat’s appetite. Cats appreciate a quiet place to eat with dim lighting. It also needs to be clean.

Cats that are fed in a noisy and busy place with bright lights will get stressed and may just wander away.

Another reason may be as simple as your cat is not feeling hunger because it has already had plenty of tasty meals. This is quite common as well-meaning neighbors give you oh so cute cat a nice snack.

Though your neighbors are only being friendly and truly find your cat adorable, you will lose control of what your cat consumes.

Chances are your cat might be fed carbohydrates (grains) and dairy products. This is the kind of diet which will harm your cat and should be avoided at all costs.

Cats do like variation in their diet. If you feed your cat the same old food daily your cat will be less than enthusiastic at meal times.

Cats prey naturally on different kinds of animals. This is also a survivor mechanism not making them dependent on solely one particular food source.

The final reason may just be that your cat has a hidden health condition.

If you do not see any logical reasons why your cat will not eat it would be recommended you consult with your vet.

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