Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds

There are so many different cat breeds. If you are thinking about getting a pedigree cat, it will be Domestic Cat Breedswell worth your time to do a little research before you decide on a specific breed.

You will want to get the cat that is perfect for you and know that your home environment is perfect for the cat.

There are many things to consider before deciding on a cat breed. It is not enough just to think the cat is cute.

We are talking about a long term relationship between you and your cat. Make sure it is a healthy and happy one.

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Seven things you may want to think about before deciding on a Cat breed.

How much space does your home have?

Cats have very different needs. Some cat will be happy in an urban apartment. Other cats need space, and lots of it!

Vocal or Quiet?

Some cat breeds are very vocal, others are rather quiet. You need to decide how much “cat talking” you can endure.

Cats and Children

Do you have children? Cat breeds have different tolerance levels. Not all cat breeds get along great with kids. Fortunately the majority of pedigree cats are fine with the younger generation.

Do you prefer a Lap-cat?

Do you enjoy sitting quietly with a cat sleeping on your lap? Or are you more the active kind of person? The different cat breeds also have different preferences. Some are your typical lap-cat. Yet, others will not enjoy settling down on a human lap and prefer alone time when they are tired.


What kind of climate do you live in? The fur on the different cat breeds is extremely different. The wide rage goes from almost hairless to really thick coats. Not all cats will be comfortable in a cold climate.

Cat Allergy

Do any of your family members have cat allergy? Or maybe you have very close friends who come by often suffering from cat allergy? In that case you may just consider a Hypoallergenic Cat.


How much time are you willing to spend grooming your cat? Obviously long-haired cats will require a lot more grooming than short-haired cats.