Cat Beds

The three different sleeps for the cat

cat sleeping needs

Cats sleep an average of 16 hours a day. That is twice as much as a human sleeps. Cats sleep in many shorter periods.

There are typically three different kinds of sleep for the cat. First of all there is the short nap.

This kind of nap has given us the expression “the catnap”.

The second kind of sleep is the light sleep. The light sleep may last for about half an hour.

It will then drift into the deep sleep for about 5-10 minutes. It is during this deep sleep that the cat will dream.

Your cat may roll over to its side during the deep sleep. During this deep sleep the cat may be seen twitching and also may utter different sounds.

After a short period of deep sleep, the cat returns to the state of light sleep again.

This interaction between light and deep sleep will continue until the cat wakes up completely.

Cat Beds

Considering the amount of time your cat spends sleeping, it should be in your best interest to provide a comfortable and safe place for your cat to sleep.

Cat beds come in all shapes and qualities. Some may use a simple solution as cardboard box and a blanket.

This will be unsatisfactory for many in the long run.

A time will come when you would like to invest in a special bed for your cherished cat. You can find cat beds in almost any shape and form.

Heated cat beds as well as cat beds in cat houses have started to gain popularity.

Whether you choose a tradition cat bed or luxury cat there are certain things you may want to consider.Cats simply hate draft. Be careful to choose a cat bed which will protect your cat from any draft.

All cats will naturally seek warm and comfortable places to rest.

If you live in a cold climate, you may want to choose a cat bed with higher sides than regular cat beds.

cat beds

This will keep your cat free from any sneaky drafts. Cats love cozy and warm places.

Cats need to feel safe. Be careful where you put the cat bed. It should be a quiet place with little “traffic”.

Make a note of where your cat normally likes to take a nap. Place the new cat bed in the same area.

Before purchasing a new cat bed read a few reviews from other customers.

You want to make sure the cat bed is easy to clean.

Preferably there should be removable material that is machine washable. Alternatively you could place a cotton towel on top for easy cleaning. Find out if the cat bed will keep its original shape after being cleaned. The cat bed needs to be sturdy enough to last for years to come.

Heated Cat Beds

Lately heated cat beds have gained popularity. Heated cat beds should use regular household electricity.

No more than 4 watts are really needed to give your cat that warm and cozy feeling. The 4 watts will heat the cat bed to the same temperature as the body temperature of your cat and will keep your cat happy and cozy through the cold winter months.

Most heated cat beds are for indoor use only.

Cat Bed Size

One issue that has been a concern for many cat owners is the size of the cat beds. It seems that many of the cat beds for sale are actually very small.

Sure, your cat loves to snuggle up, but your cat will also enjoy a good stretch. If you feel uncertain what size to get, the larger size would be a better choice.

Cats need and deserve to feel safe, warm and loved.

Your cat deserves that very special place to rest. Having a comfortable and warm bed will not only make your cat satisfied, but will also contribute to keeping your cat healthy.

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