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This site is dedicated to the domestic cat and to all cat lovers!

Domestic cats certainly are loveable. They are also independent as well as smart and sensitive.Domestic cats loves to interact with humans, but only on their own terms.

They need affection, care and attention, but the cat decides with who and the when.The domestic cat is unique. Blessed. Sacred.

Myths and Legends

Tabby cat legend

Find out why some cats are called Tabby cats. Both Christians and Muslims have a legend about the M marking on the forehead of the Tabby. Read the two different sweet legends about how the Tabby Cat got the M marking on its forehead.

 There are so many different legends about the domestic cat. Some are strange and others are quite wonderful.  Start your journey into the world of cat legends here.

You have probably seen a lot of these Japanese good luck cat statues all over the place. The cat is called Maneki Neko and is thought to be very auspicious. Every cat lover should own one! Do you know the story about the Beckoning Cat?

Cat Goddess

Cats were at one time sacred and worshiped by humans.  The cat goddess called Bastet was highly regarded in Ancient Egypt.

In Ancient Egypt the consequence of killing a house cat was the death penalty. Citizens were required to shave off their eyebrows should their beloved house cat die. 

They had to show their sincere mourning for the departed cat publically. Many humans may have forgotten the high status the felines once had in society. 

It is evident the cat has never forgotten it was once worshipped as a goddess! Read more about Cats in Mythology

Cat legends worldwide

Cat Legends

Cat legends from around the world. Some cat legends are rather spooky, others are just peculiar ...
tabby cat legends

Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat is not a cat breed on its own. Facts about Tabby Cats. Why the tabby cats have M ...
Maneki neko Japanese Cat

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is the Japanese Lucky Cat. Read the legend of the Beckoning Cat. Maneki Neko invites prosperity and tons ...
cats mythology worldwide

Cats in Mythology

Cats were once worshipped as goddesses. Discover the cat goddess Bast. The Norse goddess Freyja and her cats ...

Cat Culture

It takes a little effort to find an awesome name for your new cat. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Collection on Cat Quotes

Also study the list of cat names given to cats by some well-known people.  Take a closer look at Cat Names

A lot has been said about the domestic cat. Seems a lot of people have an opinion about the feline spices. Here you will find a large collection on cat quotes.

Songs about cats

There are quite a lot of songs about cats. Here is an assortment of favorite songs about cats. You may just know most of them by heart!  

Singing about the domestic cat should be part of your weekly routine!  

Cat Nursery Rhymes

Some favorite old nursery rhymes from our childhood days involve cats.

If you have small children or just want to go down memory lane, read some of the nursery rhymes about cats.

What do you know about the cat and the Bible? Did you know our beloved domestic cat actually has a Patron Saint?

Read about the Monastery of Cats at Cats in Religion.

Horrible Cat Facts

Not all cat history is completely grim. Read about the very weird laws Howell the Good passed concerning cats. Howell the Good was Prince of Wales and King of Britons. 

Working cats? Yes, there are plenty of cats who earn a good living. Cats have had huge success working in commercials.

Here is a page dedicated to fun facts about the domestic cat. Read about horrible facts about cats at your own risk.

cat quotes list

Cat Quotes

An awesome and huge collection on quotes about cats. You may agree with Peggy Bacon who said "I cannot exist ...
cat names ideas

Cat Names

Finding an impeccable name for your cat should be fun. Here are some ideas for awesome cat names. Start your ...
collection cat songs

Cat Songs

Find your favorite song about cats here. Some are oldies but goodies, others are newer. Sing about our favorite animal ...
Howell the good cat history

Howell the Good

Howell the Good (880-950) Prince of Wales and King of Britons passed some peculiar laws about the value of cats ...
Nursery rhymes about cats

Nursery Rhymes

A collection of nursery rhymes about cats. Three Little Kttens, Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, I love little Pussy, The Crooked ...
cats horrible facts

Horrible Facts

Horrible facts about cats. Please do not read if you do not want to know about the gruesome things that ...
cats fun facts

Fun Facts

Useful and Not so Useful Cat Fun Facts Read about the first postage stamp with a picture of a cat ...
cat in church

Cats in Religion

Cats in the Christian Faith. Cat Monastery. Patron saint of cats ...
cats working for money

Working Cats

A list of the cats making a good income in different careers. Some are mousers and some have become movie ...

Cat Superstitions

Black Cats

There have been a lot of superstitions about the black cat throughout history. Some of the beliefs about black cat have been absolutely horrendous.

Almost every country has some kind of superstition about cats. Here is a collection of well-known superstitions and some that are not so wide spread.

cat superstitions worldwide

Cat Superstitions

Lucky Black Cat Superstitions In Japan black cats are a lucky omen as the blacks cats can heal sick children ...
black cats superstition history

Black Cats

Are black cats lucky or do black cats bring bad luck? You decide. Black cat supertition and black cats in ...
Maneki neko Japanese Cat

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is the Japanese Lucky Cat. Read the legend of the Beckoning Cat. Maneki Neko invites prosperity and tons ...

Cat Breeds

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the Western World.

As with us humans the feline species come with different temperaments and one cat may have completely different needs of another cat.

It is important to gain knowledge of the various cat breeds before welcoming a cat to take up residence in your home.

Read about the different cat breeds. You may be a little surprised to find how different their traits are.

There are indeed plenty of beautiful cat breeds from which to choose.

California Spangled Cat

California Spangled Cat

California Spangled Cat - the designer cat for the rich. This breed has been carefully planned. These cats are very ...
American Bobtail cat breed

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail cat may not be a great climber, but this cat breed certainly has many other awesome traits ...
Turkish Van cat breed

Turkish Van Cat

Turkish Van cats are attracted to water and love swimming! These cats do not like rough handling and are not ...
turkish angora cat breed

Turkish Angora

The original and true Angora cat. The Turkish Angora is an ancient cat breed and used to be a favorite ...
Tonkinese cat breed

Tonkinese cat

The Tonkinese Cat is a crossbreed between the Burmese cat and the Siamese cat. Did this cat receive the best ...
Sphynx Cat breed

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat is most often associated with being hairless. This cat also goes by the name "Moon Cat" and "Canadian ...
Somali cat breed

Somali Cat

The Somali cat has a long, bushy tail and therefore often goes by the nickname "The Fox Cat". Somali cats ...
Singapura cat breed

Singapura Cat

The Singapura cat is the smallest cat breed in the world. Some call them River Cats, others call them Love ...
Siberian cat breed in snow

Siberian Cat

The Siberian Cat is good news for those who suffer from cat allergy. The Siberian Cat is the National Cat ...
Siamese cat breed

Siamese Cat

About the Siamese cat. An extremely vocal and intelligent cat. Why some say this was a sacred cat. Siamese Cat ...
Scottish Fold cat breed

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is easily recognized by the ears which are folded down. Scottish Fold cats are social and do ...
Russian blue cat breed

Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue cat is a quiet and affectionate cat. They are intelligent and fast runners. The Russian Blue is ...
Ragdoll Cat breed

Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is a large and awesome. This domestic cat will become completely relaxed when you pick it up ...
Persian Cat breed

Persian Cat

The Persian cat is pure luxury. This cat has a long, woolly coat and does require some grooming. Persian cats ...
Ocicat cat breed


Ocicat is a somewhat new American cat breed. These cats are stunning! They are extremely active and love attention ...
Norwegian forest cat breed

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an old cat breed from Scandinavia. These cats are climbers and hunter. Norwegian Forest Cats ...
Manx Cat Breed

Manx Cat

Manx cat is known to be tailless; actually not all Manx cats are tailless. These cats are very friendly. Read ...
Maine Coon Cat Breed

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is an old American cat breed. Maine Coon makes a great family pet. This cat is huge and ...
Korat cat breed


This affectionate cat likes to talk The Korat has a long history in Thailand and has been considered to be ...
Japanese Bobtail cat breed

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail cats are said to bring good fortune. Japanese Bobtails were once noble cats the aristocracy loved to show ...
Exotic Shorthair cat breed

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair resembles the Persian in many ways, but has shorter hair and are easier to groom. These cats do ...
Egyptian Mau cat breed

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau is the fasted runner of all domestic cats. This cat requires lots of space. Egyptian Mau cat breed ...
Devon Rex Cat breed

Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex Cat has lots of nicknames; the Elf Cat, Alien Cat, Pixie Cat. The Devon Rex cat has ...
Cornish Rex Cat breed

Cornish Rex Cat

The Cornish Rex Cat loves people. This cat breed needs special care. The cat has lots of energy and a ...
Burmilla cat breed


Burmilla cat is all about love. This cat breed enjoys being cuddled. The Burmilla are kind and playful cats ...
Burmese Cat breed

Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat breed has a special background. Some claim this cat is sacred. The Burmese cat is talkative and ...
British Shorthair cat breed

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair cat breed is proud and calm domestic cat. This domestic cat breed is kind and perfect for ...
Bombay Cat Breed black

Bombay Cat Breed

The Bombay Cat is a beautiful black cat breed - often called the Mini Panther. This black cat likes lots ...
Birman cat breed


The Sacred Cat of Burma - The Loyal Birman Cat. The Birman cat breed can be recognized by the white ...
Bengal cat breed

Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat breed needs a lot of space as they are very active. Bengal cats seem to be immune ...
Balinese cat

Balinese Cat

The Balinese Cat is sometimes referred to as the fashion model of the cat world. This breed is really special ...
American Shorthair Cat breed

American Shorthair

American Shorthair used to be called Domestic Shorthair. Many people state that the American Shorthair cat is the a perfect ...
American Curl cat breed

American Curl

American Curl is a very special cat breed with the most unusual ears. The American Curl is a playful cat ...
abyssinian cat breed

Abyssinian Cat

Meet the Abyssinian cat. This cat is smart and loves to play. Some say the Abyssinian has royal blood. Read ...

Cat Care

Domestic Cat whiskers

All cats have whiskers. Do you actually know why cats need their whiskers?

Find out how the domestic cat uses its whiskers to make life easier and safer.

Kittens are absolutely adorable. Find out how the mother cat cares for her kittens the first months of their lives.

Domestic Cat Birthday

Are you curious to know how old your cat is compared to human years? Your cat just may be older than you think.

Find out why you should feed your cat only small amounts of dry food, if any at all. Read more about what to feed your beloved cat at Cat Diet

Find out why it is vital to your cat’s health that you groom your cat on a regular basis.

Grooming your cat is important for several reasons.

Get familiar with the sleeping patterns of the domestic cat. Find out what you may want to think about when searching through the great amount of cat beds on the market.

Do you know why some cats are attracted to catnip? Find out what happens when cats eat catnip.

Some thoughts about cat towers; why this may the most important piece of furniture in any home where a cat resides.

If your cat suddenly seems ill, it may be your cat has tasted a plant or flower that is toxic. Read more on toxic plants to cats.

cat food and diet

Cat Diet

Make sure the cat diet is healthy. Should the cat eat dry cat food? Why a cat does not eat ...
cat towers furniture

Cat Towers

Cat Towers may be the most important cat furniture in your home. Find out why every cat owner should have ...
toxic flowers to cats

Toxic Plants

Here is a list of the most common plants found in homes and gardens that are toxic to cats ...
catnip catmint


How catnip affects cats. Not all cats are actually affected by this herb. Effects on humans ...
cat beds sleeping

Cat Beds

The three different kinds of sleep of cats. How much sleep does your cat need? What kind of cat bed ...
Cat birthday year

Cat Years

Have you ever wondered how many cat years equal human years? Your cat may be older than you think or ...
cat brush

Cat Grooming

Cat grooming is important when caring for your cat. It should be done on a regular basis. Get some tips ...
about kittens


All about the first few months of kittens. How the mother cat cares for her kittens. Get more information about ...
cat whiskers why

Cat Whiskers

All about cat whiskers. Why cats have whiskers. Why the whiskers are important. What will happen if someone cuts the ...